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12 Best Fidgets for "On the Go"

In this post, I'm going to give you the 12 best fidgets and stim toys for out-of-the-house fidgeting. These are the fidgets I've found work best for school, work, trips to the grocery store, the car - anything that requires you to leave your room!

If you are anything like me, peopling is exhausting. I can be a very social person, but only when 1. I really want to be and 2. I have time to mentally prepare myself for it. Any other Not gonna happen.

[Gif above is a scene from The Office. They are in a crowded room and Dwight says, "There's too many people in this world. We need a new plague."]

Fidgets and stim toys have made socializing SO much easier for me! Between social cues and expectations, noises, lights, overlapping sounds and conversations, flashing colors, and every other thing in the same room as me, my brain must have something to unwind itself from the train wreck that is actively taking place inside my head. I'll talk more about how fidgets and stim toys help with that in another post. For now, let's get into two of my favorite things...lists and fidgets!

Best On The Go Fidgets

Each item will have a link to places where you can purchase the item! You can either click on the image or the title for the link - I'll also have a "Click here" spot at the bottom of each fidgets section with a link for you!


1. Worry Stone Necklaces

A worry stone necklace being held in an open hand

I have several of these in my collection and have one with me always. I never leave home without one on (unless I'm using a different fidget necklace that day). I absolutely love worry stone necklaces! They are so pretty!

  • They provide a repetitive and smooth sensory input!

  • They are great for subtle fidgeting.

  • They look like regular necklaces.

  • They come on a satin-smooth cord with a breakaway barrel clasp for safety for those who like to run and play!

  • The barrel clasp also makes it very easy to take on and off - no fine motor skills needed, no frustration trying to line up tiny holes. Just snap it together and you are all set!

I love all the different color combinations that people come up with to fit their style and taste. Personally, the galaxy one is my favorite (pictured above), but I also love the regular ones. Black & teal is a great color combination!

Click here to see all the Worry Stone Necklaces in my shop.


2. Stretchy Ring Fidgets

A hand with a fidget ring on one finger - you can see other colored rings in the background.

I love these little guys! I keep one in the cup holder of my car s