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13 Best Fidgets for the Classroom

In this post, I'm going to give you the 13 best fidgets to use in the classroom. These are all teacher approved!

School can be tough for neurodivergents of any age. Trying to learn in a way that may not be the best for you, smells & sounds that are new or abrasive, not being able to take breaks, having to sit still and more are all things that can keep us from getting the education we want.

It doesn't help that by the time the day is over, we feel like we are juggling 1,000 things while doing an obstacle course just to get through the day!


[Gif above is a scene from The Office. Dwight is carrying two cups of hot coffee while running through tires on the ground that are part of an obstacle course.]

Fidgets and stim toys have made socializing SO much easier for me! Between social cues and expectations, noises, lights, overlapping sounds and conversations, flashing colors, and every other thing in the same room as me, my brain must have something to unwind itself from the train wreck that is actively taking place inside my head. I'll talk more about how fidgets and stim toys help with that in another post. For now, let's get into two of my favorite things...lists and fidgets!

Best Fidgets for the Classroom

Each item will have a link to places where you can purchase the item! You can either click on the image or the title for the link - I'll also have a "Click here" spot at the bottom of each fidgets section with a link for you!


1. Worry Stone Necklaces

A worry stone necklace being held in an open hand

I have several of these in my collection and have one with me always. I never leave home without one on (unless I'm using a different fidget necklace that day). I absolutely love worry stone necklaces! They are so pretty!

Pictured above is the Galaxy Worry Stone Necklace, but I also offer customizable ones, rainbow, glow-in-the-dark, LGBTQ+, and more!

  • They provide a repetitive and smooth sensory input!

  • They are great for subtle fidgeting.

  • They look like regular necklaces.

  • They come on a satin-smooth cord with a breakaway barrel clasp for safety for those who like to run and play!

  • The barrel clasp also makes it very easy to take on and off - no fine motor skills needed, no frustration trying to line up tiny holes. Just snap it together and you are all set!

I love all the different color combinations that people come up with to fit their style and taste. Personally, the galaxy one is my favorite (pictured above), but I also love the regular ones. Black & teal is a great color combination!

Click here to see all the Worry Stone Necklaces in my shop.


2. Stretchy Ring Fidgets

A hand with a fidget ring on one finger - you can see other colored rings in the background.

I love these little guys! I keep one in the cup holder of my car and the side pocket of my purse so I have something to fidget with no matter where I am.

I have smooth and textured styles and several colors, including rainbow stripes and wood, so you can really make this your own!

  • Small and easy to take with you and keep in your purse or pocket.

  • They are stretchy and one size fits most!

  • Being stretchy gives you more ways to fidget - slide it up and down your finger, twist it around your finger, stretch it between two fingers, or rub your thumb over the opening like a worry stone!

Personally, I love the textured one (pictured above)! This is one of my absolute favorite fidgets ever! I love the variety of ways you can use it. Any fidget that gives me multiple ways to play is a winner in my book!

Click here for smooth ring fidgets and click here for textured ring fidgets.


3. Quiet Mobius Fidget

This is a great one for the classroom. It's small and quiet - which is what most teachers prefer!

This comes in tons of colors and themes! I even have one that has a different pattern of the rainbow on each ring.

  • Small and easy to take from one place to another.

  • Fully customizable in the colors you prefer.

  • You can have it on a necklace for easy fidgeting.

  • Great for repetitive fidgeting.

Click here for Quiet Twisting Mobius Fidgets.


4. Textured Pencil Grips

Someone holding a small bottle with pink liquid and glitter inside.

They can be used on their own or they can be attached to a pen or pencil for some textured fidgeting as well as giving some relief to hands that have trouble gripping their pencil for an extended period of time.

  • Can fit on most pens and pencils.

  • Completely silent!

  • Comes in 6 different colors and multiple styles!

I love these little guys. You can get them in the textures shown above as well as a rubber pearlized version and a bumpy foam version.

Click here for Stretchy Pencil Grips.


5. Worry Stones

A pile of randomly colored worry stones

Worry stones are a fun fidget! They've been around for a very long time. Can't improve on perfection, right? They are soft and smooth on top with a nice crook in the bottom so they rest comfortably on your finger.

  • Small and easy to take with you, fits in your purse or pocket!

  • Fits in your handle for subtle fidgeting at school or work.

  • Provide a smooth and repetitive sensory input.

  • Tons of colors to choose from to make it completely customizable to your style!

I really enjoy worry stones! I have one that I keep in the side pocket of my purse so I always have one with me! Mine is pink, yellow, and blue ;)

Click here to see all the worry stones.


6. Big Bead Fidgets

Two keychains with hex nuts

These are some of the first fidgets I made when I started my shop and they are still holding strong as some of my most popular items!

  • 16 color options.

  • Silent and subtle.

  • The beads roll very smoothly between your fingers.

  • Tons of color options to fully customize it to your style and taste! Want neutral colors? Done. Neon and bright colors? Done. LGBTQ+ Pride colors? DONE!

I love the big bead fidgets. I usually end up rolling them up or pretending they are a caterpillar!

Click here to see the Big Bead Fidgets.


7. Stretchy Loom Picking Fidgets

Two hands holding a stretchy fidget attached to a keychain.

I absolutely LOVE these! The loom bands are stretchy and are all on an elastic stretchy cord. So double stretchiness! They are also fun to roll up and down your fingers.

  • Double stretchiness!

  • <