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Meet Nubby Buddy! This little guy is small enough to fit in your pocket, but big enough to fill your hand. It is flat and smooth on the bottom so it can sit on your desk to keep you company. The top of it has little nubs scattered about for you to rub!


They are baked in the oven to make them rock hard so they are nice and sturdy for fidgety hands. They are great for both children and adults when they are feeling anxious, upset, or overwhelmed. These great little sensory items fit perfectly in your purse, pocket, on your desk, end table, or at your desk at school.

These worry stones are hard like a rock.I now offer 21 different colors so these are completely customizable to your interest and style!





***ATTENTION*** While I do try to make these to last as long as possible, the nubs can fall off over time or if you are a picker. To fix this, you can take a small dab of super glue and reattach the nub if you'd like.





*Not recommended for children under the age of 3 as they are all and could be a choking hazard.

*Please be aware that shipping times may be delayed. Many packages are being delayed by USPS right now. I ship my packages either that day or the next morning, but once they are picked up I have no control over how long they take to get to you.*

Nubby Buddy | Worry Stone Fidget

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