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All Things Sensory Shop has a new logo!

Hello, Beautiful Peoples!

I got a new logo! I loved my old logo, but now that I have found my identity, I wanted a change. The old logo felt very business-ee (is that a word?) and I wanted something more fun and laid back that would reflect what my shop actually is. The logo is made entirely from my own creations! You can read through each letter below to find out what each fidget is in my new logo!


The S was created using the Rainbow Abacus Chew Necklace. This necklace is one of the newer editions to the chew section in my shop! The beads are more of a disc shape vs the round beads I usually use. They remind me of M&M's. Shop This Fidget


The E is based off of the Zipper Bracelets I have in the Starter Fidget Bundle. I love the Zipper Bracelets because they can go anywhere with you! Just put them on in the morning and you'll have a fidget all day long! Shop This Fidget


The N is a take on my Metal Bendy Fidget. It was created with the movement of a tangle in mind. It is one of the best-selling fidgets in the shop! It is all metal and has 10 hinges, giving it a fun range of movement. Shop This Fidget


The S is a small version of the Extra Weighted Finger Fidget. It was created after I made the beaded fidgets that roll between your fingers. I LOVE weighted things and never see weighted fidgets. Blankets and stuffed animals? Sure. Fidgets? Almost never! Shop This Fidget


The O is one of my ever so stretchy Loom Band Picking Fidgets! It is another really popular fidget – probably in the top 5! It is perfect for those who pick at their hair, nails, or skin. It can also be a really helpful tool for those with Tics to redirect from possible harm inflicted on themselves. Shop This Fidget


The R is based on the Big Bead Keychain and the Big Bead Finger Fidget. The keychain was one of the very first fidgets I ever made! The beads roll so smoothly and have a very smooth texture to them. I have two of them on my purse – a rainbow and a pan pride!


The Y is a take on the Knotted Rainbow Chew Necklace. I love that the knots between each bead add a new texture to the necklace. The end of the “cord” for the Y loops into an infinity symbol to tie in my amazing neurodivergent community. Shop This Fidget


A Little About Me

Who I am: Hello, Beautiful Peoples! I'm Alissa – the owner and creator of All Things Sensory Shop. I'm a 29 year old Autistic and have SPD (Sensory Processing Disorder), PTSD, ADHD, and struggle with anxiety. I love talking about and advocating for mental health topics.

When I started the Etsy shop, I realized just how many neurodivergent people were also part of the LGBTQ community. I started researching flags to add to my shop and in that process finally accepted that I was Pansexual & Demisexual. I love that this shop let me explore that side of myself and finally start loving myself for who I am! I'm just now starting to come out to people in my life, but have loved adding little Pan flag hearts to my Instagram posts. Did you notice?

How it all started: I started by selling stress balls, slime, and homemade playdough at craft shows in late 2018. I doubled my stock every single show and sold out every time. I was constantly adding more and more products until eventually, I had to rent 2 booths just for myself! Then 2020 hit. All my usual shows were canceled and in September of 2020, I finally started an Etsy Shop. Now, I have nearly 200 items in my shop, launched my own website and I'm able to make a living doing my dream job!

Thank you to every who supports my shop! I'm so grateful for everything this community has done for me; every order, every follow, comment, message, share - all of it! It is because of you guys that I'm able to make a living doing my dream job.

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