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All Things Sensory Shop has a new logo!

Hello, Beautiful Peoples!

I got a new logo! I loved my old logo, but now that I have found my identity, I wanted a change. The old logo felt very business-ee (is that a word?) and I wanted something more fun and laid back that would reflect what my shop actually is. The logo is made entirely from my own creations! You can read through each letter below to find out what each fidget is in my new logo!


The S was created using the Rainbow Abacus Chew Necklace. This necklace is one of the newer editions to the chew section in my shop! The beads are more of a disc shape vs the round beads I usually use. They remind me of M&M's. Shop This Fidget


The E is based off of the Zipper Bracelets I have in the Starter Fidget Bundle. I love the Zipper Bracelets because they can go anywhere with you! Just put them on in the morning and you'll have a fidget all day long! Shop This Fidget


The N is a take on my Metal Bendy Fidget. It was created with the movement of a tangle in mind. It is one of the best-selling fidgets in the shop! It is all metal and has 10 hinges, giving it a fun range of movement. Shop This Fidget


The S is a small version of the Extra Weighted Finger Fidget. It was created after I made the beaded fidgets that roll between your fingers. I LOVE weighted things and never see weighted fidgets. Blankets and stuffed animals? Sure. Fidgets? Almost never! Shop This Fidget